April 1st, 2007

Coast Investment Fund achieved 17.71% return
Mr. Sulaiman Al-Abduljader, Vice President of Investment Services at Coast Investment and Development Company announced that Coast Investment Fund have witnessed an outstanding performance since the beginning of the year as a result of a seamless, strategic and the analytical approach Coast fund management adopted to enhance fund returns while controlling risk. Coast Investment Fund utilizes the latest software and modeling techniques towards effective asset allocation and security analysis. Consequently, the fund was ranked the third among local funds for the year 2006.

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Mr. Al-Abduljader added “ Since the beginning of year 2007, the fund was able to beat the market recording a 17.71% return while the weighted index (benchmark) realized only a 11.26% gain. Further, the fund achieved a 7.93% return for the month of March compared to the weighted index of 7.77%.” Mr. Al-Abduljader added that as of 31-3 2007 the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund is 1.506 KWD. We take pride in our effective fund management style and our dedication and commitment in providing our clients with growing, risk-adjusted returns and we invite the investors whom are consumed with their daily professional activities and are looking for a competent, experienced financial advisors to fulfill their investment needs''.

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Al Abduljader added on the new well managed services offered by Coast which includes AMAS service which is a new package for portfolio management, managed by a well experienced team of financial analysts. Using the sophisticated tools of analysis to provide a unique outcome for clients, AMAS created a unique database customized to analyzing securities listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. The database is an in-house creation that utilizes the latest modeling methodologies combined with qualitative analysis to obtain dynamic and practical valuations on listed companies.

Coast Investment and Development Company is one of the leading financial institutions in Kuwait and the region. Coast was established in 1975 and listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 1989. Its current paid-up capital is 52 million KWD (180 million USD). Coast is engaged in a variety of investment management activities such as private equity, asset management and real estate investments both locally and internationally. Coast is also an active player in the local, GCC and international markets offering a wide array of investment services including portfolio and fund management, advisory services, corporate finance and investment banking services.

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24 January 2006

Coast and FTSE Sign a Collaboration Agreement
Kuwait & London,:
FTSE Group (“FTSE”) the global index company, has today signed an agreement in Kuwait with Coast Investment and Development Co. (“Coast”) the leading and prominent investment house in Kuwait, to collaborate on a new custom equity index for the Kuwait market.  The index, named the Coast Kuwait 40, will contain equities listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, and it will use the globally recognised Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) as the basis for its stock classification. Today’s agreement is an innovative move to bring international index standards to the Kuwait market, providing international and domestic investors with tools to assist with benchmarking, analysis and the creation of derivatives.

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Imogen Dillon-Hatcher, FTSE’s Managing Director, EMEA said, “FTSE has a long history of innovation in the index business, and we are delighted to be selected by Coast to work together in Kuwait. We look forward to a long and productive working relationship and to developing further indices in the series.”

Khaled AbdulAziz Al-Usaimi, Managing Director of Coast Investment and Development Co, said, “ We are pleased to work with FTSE in this exciting project. The objective of the collaboration is to enhance the market’s current underlying mechanisms. Coast, being a vital financial institution and an effective contributor to Kuwait’s development and economic prosperity, has taken the initiative in improving the underlying operational structure in the Kuwaiti financial markets through participating in the augmentation of financial innovation and investment research. 

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The collaboration entails the licensing of the International Classification Benchmark (ICB) to Coast for the segmentation of the existing official sector indices in Kuwait into more informative sector indices in compliance with the globally recognized ICB standards. Further, the collaboration involves the creation of the Coast Kuwait 40 Index. Coast also plans to create an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), based on the new index to be listed in Kuwait, as well as key developed equity markets.

Mr. Al-Usaimi added, “It is empirically proven the benefits in having an exposure to Kuwait equity market adds to a well-diversified foreign portfolio. Despite the attractive returns our markets have experienced over the past few years, global investors were hesitant to enter due to the lack of a transparent, internationally recognized vehicles that facilitates investment flows in the region and provides adequate liquidity. Consequently, it is the intention of Coast, in its collaboration with FTSE, to assist individual and institutional local and global investors through providing a comprehensive financial framework following the latest innovations and international standards.”

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It is expected that the further indices will be developed in the series, to facilitate the creation of financial products.

More information about the index is available from or from press offices below:

FTSE Group: Sabrina Bhangoo/Jo Mayall +44 207 866 1821 or

Coast Investment and Development Company: Fatima Al-Salem +965 2468388 or

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January 9, 2007

Coast Participates in the Investment Exhibition
Coast Investment and Development company  participated in the Finance and Investment Exhibition that took place in Al Raya Hotel between January 6 until January 8, 2007.Coast focused on displaying four products and services. Namely, Coast was proud to present (i) Coast Futures Services, (ii) AMAS (iii) Kuwait German Holding Company KGH, and; (iv) Coast Investment Fund( CIF ).

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