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Coast Futures Service provides a leveraging vehicle to investors for acquiring stocks in Kuwait Stock Market. Coast added value comes from its employment of a qualified and experienced in derivative securities. Coast managed to build a strong relationship with traders and short-term investors. The team also provides investors with information that involves the risk that is attached with such contracts and how to mitigate it.

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Graph above explains Coast market share in Futures contracts (Source AlJoman Consultancy)

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The Mechanism of Futures Contract is:

  • Investors pays 40% of the total amount of the stock.

  • Coast finances 60% of the remaining amount of the value in addition to the interest calculated on a quarterly basis.

  • Terms of the contract are three months, six months, nine months and one year.

  • The flexibility of Coast provides investors with financing options to any stock listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Further, Coast provides the ability to renew contract without limitations and restrictions.

  • Each contract has a minimum of 5 units and a maximum of 25 units, with options of multiple contract engagement.

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